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Stairlift Terms and Conditions ("Terms")


Direct Sales – Florida Only

1. Payment - Local Sales Tax must be paid in full with a minimum down payment of 50% of the total purchase price. The remaining balance must be paid upon delivery and installation.

2. Sales Tax Advantage - Sales Tax can be waived if you have received a prescription from your doctor for your mobility device. The prescription must be provided by date installation.

3. Preparation Work - All preparatory work must be arranged and completed prior to the stairlift installation unless otherwise agreed in writing. If the job site is not ready when VIVA Mobility LLC arrive to start work, a remobilization fee of $200 will be charged. Conditions which can prohibit installation include, but are not limited to electrical issues, structural changes or modifications, appointment cancellation without notification.

4. Cancellation - In the event the order is canceled after terms and condition has been signed and agreed, or without a written agreement or consent of VIVA Mobility LLC there will be a $500 cancellation fee to cover any work undertaken and, shipping and/or return fees from the manufacturer. If stairlift must be removed, VIVA Mobility LLC, our officers, agents, and employees will not be held responsible for any repairs, loss, damage, or structural changes caused by installation.

5. Delivery and Installation - Once the deposit is received your custom stairlift will be ordered from the manufacturer. VIVA Mobility LLC will typically receive equipment in approximately 3-5 business days and will then contact you and/or your designated representative to schedule installation, to occur in approximately 2-5 business days. VIVA Mobility LLC cannot guarantee shipment timeframes or installation dates; Failure by VIVA Mobility LLC to install on a pre-arranged date will not give the purchaser the right to cancel the order or claim damages against VIVA Mobility LLC, our officers, agents, and employees.

6. Warranty and Maintenance - The customer agrees to adhere to the terms specified in the warranty statement (VIVAW002).

This warranty covers the replacement parts of the stairlift for twelve (12) months starting on the day of installation. This does not include batteries, shipping or freight. VIVA Mobility LLC will supply the parts that have malfunctioned, the cost of replacements and installation is not included.

In the event of misuse, improper adjustments, modification, alteration, the structural condition of your building, overloading, failure to follow the stairlift operation instructions, acts of God (i.e. weather, lightning, hurricanes, flood, etc.) and/or insufficient maintenance as specified in the warranty certificate, you expressly agree to indemnify, defend, save harmless, discharge, release and forever acquit VIVA Mobility LLC, our officers, agents and employees from and against any and all claims, demands, suits, and proceedings brought against us or our employees of any nature whatsoever, including but not limited to loss, damage, injury or death.