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Ultimate Guide: Handicare Simplicity 950 Stairlift

Ultimate Guide: Handicare Simplicity 950 Stairlift

Ultimate Guide: Handicare Simplicity 950 Stairlift



The Handicare Simplicity 950 Stairlift is specially designed for straight staircases only. The Simplicity 950 set the standard for reliability, affordability and ease of use.


Power Supply 100 – 240V~
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Current 3.6 Amp
Power Consumption 360 Watt
Weight capacity 310 lbs
Weight capacity with hinge 265 lbs
Angle of inclination 27° – 50°
Angle of inclination with hinge 37° – 50°
Speed 23 feet per minute
Staircase length (flight) 3 ft – 23 ft
Rail type Aluminium


Standard Features

  • Clip seat belt
  • Fold-up seat, armrests and footrest
  • On/Off key operated switch
  • Emergency stop button
  • Overspeed Governor
  • Soft start/stop at top and bottom of the stairs
  • Automatic park stop at top and bottom of the stairs
  • Offset manual seat swivel
  • Footrest safety edge sensors
  • Carriage safety edge sensors
  • Wireless hand-held remote controls with wall-mounted holsters
  • Continuous charge track

Available Options

  • Bottom manual hinge track


Handicare Simpliity 950 stairlift dimensions by VIVA Mobility – Orlando, FL

A  Minimum swivel radius 26 ¾"
B Wall to inner seat back 3"
C Seat depth 14 ½"
D Minimum folded width 11 ¼"
E Minimum open width 22 ⅞"
F Armrest width – external 23 "
G Armrest width – internal 18 ¾"
H Seat back height 15 ¾"
I Footplate to seat height 15 ⅜" – 19 ¼"
J Minimum footplate height 2"
Minimum track intrusion into staircase 6 ¼"


The Simplicity Seat

Handicare Simplicity 950 stairlift chair seat by VIVA Mobility – Orlando, FL

  • The seat can be supplied with operating toggle on the left or right armrest
  • Durable, easy to wipe clean, flame retardant upholstery
  • Neutral sand color upholstery 
  • Seat, armrest and footrest fold up independently to provide optimum space on the stairs
  • Offset manual swivel seat enables user to get off the seat safely and closer to the top landing
  • Fitted with large footrest (12.6" x 13.4")
  • Safety clip seat belt

Handicare Simplicity 950 stairlift operating toggle | VIVA Mobility – Orlando, FL

The Operating Toggle

The easy-to-use operating toggle is located at the end of the armrest. The Handicare stairlift is activated by holding the toggle control in the direction of desired travel with either your hand or wrist.

The operating toggle is supplied on the right armrest as standard but can be fitted on either side.

  • Ergonomic and simple to use control
  • Only requires light constant pressure to operate
  • Logical operation in the direction of travel
  • Operating toggle has priority over the wireless remote control(s)

The Key Switch

The key-operated on/off switch enables and disables the entire stairlift system—a useful feature for public staircases or to prevent unauthorized use.

The switch is located under the armrest's operating toggle. As standard, two (2) keys are included with the Handicare Simplicity 950 stairlift.

ON position: When the key switch is in the "horizontal" position (key pointing up/down the stairs) the stairlift can be operated using the operating toggle or remote control.

OFF position: When the key switch is in the "vertical" position (key in line with armrest) the stairlift cannot be operated by either operating toggle or remote control.

The battery will continue to charge when the key switch is in the off position.

The Armrest Safety Switches

The Handicare Simplicity 950 stairlift can only be operated from the operating toggle when both of the armrests are fully folded down for user safety.

Convenience is also important in a stairlift therefore, the stairlift can be operated with the wireless remote controls when the armrests are folded up. This means the chair can be sent to any park position or point on the rail to maximize space on the stairs.

The Emergency Stop

The Handicare Simplicity 950 stairlift chair has an emergency stop button under the seat. In case of an emergency, this button can be pushed to immediately deactivate the unit, preventing the stairlift from traveling or any operation from the toggle in the armrest and wireless remotes.

Please be aware that the button may sometimes be active by accident. Follow the unlocking procedure to regain functionality. Simply twist the button in the direction shown by the arrows on the button.

Handicare Simplicity 950 stairlift diagnostic display and on/off switch | VIVA Mobility – Orlando, FL

The On/Off Switch

The On/Off Switch, also called Power Button, is standard on the carriage and switches the power on the stairlift on or off.

Power "On": When the on/off switch is "on" the in symbol ( | ) is pushed in and the stairlift will charge and operate normally.

Power "Off": When the on/off switch is "off" the out symbol ( O ) is pushed in and the stairlift will not operate from toggle or the wireless remotes, and the stairlift will not charge.

The Diagnostic Display

The LED digital diagnostic display is on the downside panel of the stairlift carriage. The numbers displayed will help the user identify the status of their stairlift or provide further fault finding issues to a certified technician or engineer.

The diagnostic codes are listed in the user manual however, it is most recommended if a user experiences a problem with their Handicare Simplicity 950 stairlift, to take note of the display code and then contact an authorized Handicare dealer.

See our Simplicity 950 Stairlift – Diagnostic Display Guide

Handicare Simplicity 950 stairlift footrest safety sensors | VIVA Mobility – Orlando, FL

The Footrest with Safety Sensors

The manually folding footrest of the Handicare Simplicity 950 stairlift has safety edges that will automatically stop the stairlift during travel if an obstruction is detected and becomes jammed between the footrest and the stairs.

If the footrest safety sensor is activated and the stairlift has stopped, simply move the stairlift in the opposite direction and remove the obstruction to continue with your journey.

The footrest can be manually folded up when the stairlift is not in use to maximize the clearance space on the stairs.

The footrest measures 12.6" x 13.4" and has an anti-slip carpeted surface for added safety.

The Seat Belt

The Handicare Simplicity 950 stairlift comes with a clip-style seat belt. The seat belt can be released by pressing on both side of the buckle.

Before operating the stairlift the user should always be fastened in with the seat belt.


The Carriage and Motor

The stairlift speed is controlled electronically; the soft start and stop design reduces the perception of acceleration and deceleration making the journey smooth for the user. This also eliminates jolting for the user thus reducing impact on the users back and chances of forward movement.

The quiet motor drive mechanisms operate on 24V and are safely enclosed in the carriage by a neutral grey color and easy to clean cover. These safety covers are equipped with safety sensors that will automatically stop if the stairlift in the event an obstruction is trapped between the carriage and the stairs.

The Simplicity 950 carriage also houses the digital diagnostic display, on/off switch and stairlift batteries.

The Batteries

The Handicare Simplicity 950 stairlift is battery powered. The stairlift runs on two (2) 12V lead-acid batteriesat least 7Ah should be used.

The stairlift batteries provide back up in the event of a power failure and will maintain charge for up to 30 idle hours on a full charge. On average, fully charged batteries should be able to travel up and down the stairs at least 10 times (on 13 step staircase) without any charge from the power supply.

Battery Care

The expected lifespan of stairlift batteries are three (3) years. The batteries should be tested at every annual maintenance and replacing the batteries is recommended prior to the third year to reduce any risk of a low-voltage or dead/flat battery. 

If the stairlift makes a beeping noise and/or the diagnostic display shows a "2" when the unit is not in use, the stairlift is not charging. Check that the power supply for the stairlift is switched on. If it is switched on and beeping continues contact an authorized dealer.

 The Power Supply/Charging

The stairlift features a continuous charge rail meaning it will charge along any part of the rail. Continuous charge allows the stairlift maintain optimum charge, expected lifespan and eliminates the requirement of parking the chair at a top/bottom charge point. 

The Handicare Simplicity 950 stairlift does not require a dedicated outlet or power supply, power can be supplied via an existing standard 120V wall socket located not more than 29½ ft. from top or bottom of the staircase.

The power consumption of the battery charger is less than 50 Watt, meaning the annual running cost of a stairlift is similar to a common light bulb.

The Remote Controls

The Handicare Simplicity 950 stairlift comes standard with two (2) wireless handheld remote controls and holsters. A remote control has two buttons to remotely operate the stairlift.

GREEN Button causes the stairlift to ascend 

RED Button causes the stairlift to descend 

The remote control is a wireless infrared control so it will need to be pointed at the stairlift during use. Both remote controls are linked and programmed to the stairlift so they will not operate any other equipment.

The remote controls use 9V battery.

 The Rail/Track

The stairlift rail, or track, is made from extruded high-quality aluminum, standard in a natural self-color. The durable track is easily marinated and can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

The rail is fitted directly to the stair treads. The slim design makes the Simplicity track one of the most compact in the industry, measuring just 6½" from wall to inner rail.

Approx. Bottom/Top Rail Extension (Inches)

 Staircase Angle Bottom Rail Extension Top Rail Extension
27° 15.08 9.17
30° 14.72 8.54
35° 14.09 8.07
40° 13.50 7.56
45° 12.87 6.97
50° 12.28  6.34


Upgrade: The Manual Hinge Rail

The Simplicity 950 stairlift Hinge Track can be fitted as an affordable upgrade if a standard track is an obstruction for a bottom door or walkway. This means that the track can be folded away manually from the doorway giving clear access. The hinge is gas strut assisted, designed to make the manual operation as easy as possible. 

The length of the manual hinge is a standard 13 ¾".

Optional: The Zero Intrusion

The zero intrusion option for the Simplicity 950 stairlift is a configuration with no rail overrun at the top of the stairs. The zero intrusion is achieved by fitting higher brackets, of foot extensions, that lifts the track slightly and a new central front chassis which bring the footrest back towards the top nose. 

The zero intrusion optional configuration cannot be used in combination with a manual hinge.

Stairlift Care and Cleaning

The Handicare Simplicity 950 stairlift is manufactured from a variety of materials that are easy "wipe-clean" surfaces. The seat, chair and carriage covers can be wiped clean with a damp cloth and small quantity of washing liquid or mild detergent.

DO NOT use abrasive cleaner, bleach or solvent based cleaners, as these can damage the seat.

The rail/track can be cleaned with a damp cloth. To clean the track, send the stairlift to the top of the stairs. Once most of the track is clean, send the stairlift to the bottom of the stairs and finish cleaning the track making sure that no debris falls down or onto the chair. 


To maintain the stairlift in good mechanical order, ASMEA18.1 recommends that annual services are carried out by a qualified service technician or engineer.

The service history log must be filled regularly as a proof of specified maintenance. Failure to do so may invalidate the product warranty.

Manufacturer Warranty

Handicare warrants the original purchaser of the Simplicity 950 that the stairlift is free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of two (2) years form the date of purchase.

In addition, Handicare warrants the original purchaser that the motor and gearbox will be free from defects in material and workmanship for the life of the product.

See more information on Handicare Stairlift Warranty


The Handicare Simplicity 950 stairlift is the best value for someone seeking an affordable stairlift with no "bells and whistles" to simply get them up/down the stairs. The Simplicity 950 is in entry-level, or economy, stairlift category but it should not be mistaken for low quality—the Simplicity 950 is among the most reliable stairlifts we have tested and on the market today. 

The price of the stairlift varies depending on a couple of factors such as options, rail type, track length and scope of installation. The cost for a Handicare Simplicity 950 will typically range between $2600 to $3600.



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