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How to install the FST-300 Free Standing Track System

How to install the FST-300 Free Standing Track System

The Handicare FST-300 Free Standing Track System must be assembled prior to use. Should you have any questions during setup and assembly please contact us or your local authorized dealer for assistance.



  1. Place the posts in standing position
  2. Pull out the side legs, to open the foot
  3. Repeat previous steps for other side legsand foot.
  4. Push down on both leg hinges and make sure they are flat, all the way down.
  5. Distance the two (2) posts at 8 feet apart from each other. Assure the posts are completely parallel and that the track holders face each other.
  6. Fold and place the track on a secure surface or floor. 
  7. Using a screwdriver push the spring trolley lock down and insert the trolley into the middle of the track.
  8. Attach the trolley hook/eye in to the trolley using the pin and split ring.
  9. Unfold and straighten the track. The track locking system should automatically lock with an audible "click". If you do not hear the "click", press the lock down until the system is secure.
  10. At the ends of the track, grab and turn the track lock handle toward the unlock position. The label beside the handle should indicate the correct direction to lock/unlock. 
  11. Repeat step for the other side track lock handle.
  12. Lift the track with both hands and place one end of the track on the post's track holder. The track should fall into place and sit flat on the track holder of the post. Note: Be sure the handles are in an open position before placing on the post assembly.
  13. Place the other end of the track on the other post assembly.
  14. Assure both ends of the track lay completely flat on the top post assemblies.
  15. Turn and lock the track lock handle unlocked in Step 10-11. Twist until you hear an audible "click" indicating the track is locked in position and the safety lock located opposite of the track lock handle pops out. Note: The spring should be visible in the gap between the track and safety lock.
  16. Mount the C-300 or P-300 Lift 
  17. Open clamp in the center of the post.
  18. Grab the upper inner post with one hand and the lower outer post section with the other hand.
  19. Raise the post gradually in 1-foot increments using the ratchet lock and height indicators. Alternate and repeat between both posts until desired height is reached. Note: A caution sign at the 7 feet mark indicated that the end of the post is approaching. Carefully extend the post until the stop sign or 7.5 feet.
  20. Securely close the post clamps on both sides.

Free Standing Track System Installation is Complete!


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